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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Pine Needle Donations Requested!

The Burlington Science Center is looking for pine needles for their animal enclosures. If your family rakes leaves this autumn and you are able to fill a bag with pine needles, the Science Center will gladly take them off your hands! Please be sure to keep as many twigs and branches out of the bag as possible (a few are okay) and clearly label your bag "For: Science Center."

You can drop off pine needle bags directly to the Science Center at Burlington High School or they can be brought to the main corridor at Pine Glen.

Thank you!

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Welcome Back to School!

Meet the upcoming graduates of the Class of 2028!

Welcome back to school! We are well underway to completing our first month in school and things are progressing smoothly and cheerfully. Most of the past few weeks have been spent learning about classroom routines, expectations, locations of supplies, how to care for them and classroom rules. We started out with a Scavenger Hunt so that we could all discover where things were kept in the room for when we needed them.

Scavenger Hunt in Room 211!

"Hey, did you find everything on the list for the Scavenger Hunt?"

Mikey is crossing out the items he found.

However, we have begun work in our major subject areas too, beginning with a slower-paced review of first grade skills. Here is a brief breakdown of what we've been learning in each subject thus far...

In math class we have been reviewing different strategies we can use to solve problems: switching addends around (gets the same sum), doubles and near-doubles, changing a problem to be "10 +" problem, and recognizing patterns to fact families. We will continue to hone our strategy skills as we continue in our Envision 2.0 math books.

This month we also began a new year of working with the online math site called STMath. This year a new fluency piece has been added so that every time we log in, we are practicing math facts for 10 minutes before beginning our problem-solving skill practice. We love Jiji! Miss Varrell also introduced the class to and explained that if/when she is able to get some Chromebooks permanently stationed in the classroom for the year (when they aren't being used for schoolwide assessment purposes) we can also use Xtramath as a quick practice for our math facts as well. Below is a parent video about how to get your child started on Xtramath at home.

In our English Language Arts block to date, we have focused on author studies: Harry Allard and Kevin Henkes. We read several books by both authors and compared and contrasted the different stories to see how they were similar and how they were different. Next week we will begin our tiered reading instruction which includes thirty minutes of Fundations (phonics and spelling) work followed by sixty minutes of reading instruction and accompanying practice activities. Below are some books we read over the past few weeks in case you'd like to revisit them at home, at the library or at a book store near you!

During this time we practiced using techniques such as "turn and talk", "talk to your partner," written responses, adding details through illustrations, as well as practicing making smooth transitions between activities in a calm and respectful manner. We became familiar with some of the tools we will be using during our ELA block (e.g. whiteboards, dry erase markers and mini erasers, gel boards and magnetic pens, Spelling City, etc.). We will continue to review these skills as we apply them to a new activity this week: how to appropriately transition between classrooms!

This past week marked the beginning of our first science unit: Matter and Materials. We began with a review of the three states of matter: solids, liquids and gases and learned that over the next month or so we will be focusing our learning on solids and liquids in particular. We will be using lessons and different types of matter and materials provided by our fabulous Burlington Science Center. We will record our discoveries and hypotheses in specially designed e-notebook for our iPads. Thank you Science Center!

Last but not least, our class pets arrived this week! They are yet to be named, but we will take a couple of weeks to really get to know them so that we can make great name choices. They are a pair of female gerbils and they are only a few months old. We are SO excited to have them!

Photo courtesy of Ms. Pavlicek

Below are some helpful reminders/hints for parents:

  • Written homework is due the day after it is assigned (e.g. Envision HW practice, etc.)
  • Children have reading and math fact practice homework daily. 20 minutes for reading, 5-10 minutes for math fact practice. Your child's reading teacher may assign specific reading material for part of the 20 minutes. If so, you will receive a communication as such.
  • When possible, children need to bring a snack each day to help them get through their longer academic morning, compared to last year's first-grade schedule. 
  • Your child may ask you if he/she can have a small handheld pencil sharpener for school. It is true, our standard classroom hand-crank pencil sharpeners appear to be eating pencils, the electric ones melt the plastic coating on the pencils that children bring from home, and the handheld ones I ordered for the class this year appear to have the lifespan of a fruit fly. So...if you are willing, we would love it if you could provide a mini pencil sharpener for your child in the near future. I have posted a picture below of the kind that I have found most successful in the past. They are simple but get the job done without a lot of fuss and with a minimal cost. Thank you!

Friday, September 22, 2017

From the Superintendent's Blog...

Below are the proposed start times for all of the Burlington Schools next year if we go to a later start time at Burlington High School.
As a reminder, we will hold community forums at the following times:
Community Forums:
Tuesday, October 3, 8:30 a.m. in the Francis Wyman Elementary School Auditorium
Tuesday, October 3, 7:00 p.m. in the Francis Wyman Elementary School Auditorium
Thursday, October 5, 8:30 a.m. in the Burlington High School Auditorium
Thursday, October 5, 7:00 p.m. in the Burlington High School Auditorium

Friday, September 15, 2017

Help the Science Center Collect Frogs!

The Science Center needs 4 small-to-medium frogs. They should be no bigger than 2 inches and should be kept in shallow water in a bucket with a lid. Please call the Science Center 
781-270-1835 or email Ms. P to drop off ( Science prizes awarded! 

Friday, September 8, 2017

Pine Glen Open House for Parents

Please see below a post from Mr. Lyons' Principal Blog:

Back to School Night for Grown-Ups is scheduled for this Wednesday, September 13thfrom 6:00pm to 7:30pm.  The night will begin in the cafeteria at 6:00pm with opening remarks from the principal.  We will leave the back doors of the cafeteria open to parents in order that they can enter and exit the building through the cafe.  At 6:15 parents are free to proceed to classrooms.  We will continue to have two informational sessions.  The first session will be held from 6:15pm-6:45pm.  The second session will run from 6:55pm-7:25pm.   Parents are welcome to attend either session.

This is a great evening when teachers and parents can discuss expectations, curriculum,
classroom procedures and establish partnerships between home and school. 
We regret that we are unable to provide child care.  We appreciate parents making 
arrangements for the care of their children in order to attend this important evening.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Watch out! Solar Eclipse on August 21!

It isn't often that we are able to witness the astronomical event known as a solar eclipse, but on the 21st of this month we will! Although the New England area will not be able to witness a total solar eclipse, being able to witness even a partial solar eclipse can sometimes be a once in a lifetime experience.

Below is a short video explaining this unusual occurrence in a simple and concise manner. If you are looking for a possible read aloud or book on the topic for an older child, you may want to check out this book by astronomy professor, Andrew Fraknoi, and former research solar astronomer, Dennis Schatz:

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Crazy Hair Day at Pine Glen!

My goodness! Our hair is pretty crazy!

Participants in crazy hair day: Dylan, Kai, Ben, Sadie, Morgan, Gwyneth, Melody, Brooke, Mackenzie and Arianna, the mermaid!
Is that a blue unicorn I see? 

This sure brings new meaning to "blue rinse"!

"Mona Lisa Smile"? How about Princess Leia Smile!

Another blue rinse!

Kenzie rocks the styrofoam doll head! 

Sadie! Mel Brooks loves your water-bottle hairdo!

Melody! Melody! Where are you, Melody?

Wait a minute! Where did Pippi come from?

Three cheers for Morgan's red, white and blue!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Dunk Tank Day at Pine Glen!

Just a few pics from today's super fun Dunk Tank activity (Miss V. couldn't keep up with the speed of the pitches so some children are not represented in this collage. Apologies!) ....

A big thank you goes out to Ms.Anderson, Mr. Lyons and Mr. Kippenberger for volunteering to be in the Dunk Tank today. Pine Glen is the best!

Gwyneth dunks Mr. Lyons!

Mr. Kip hands Arianna the ball so she can try and dunk Mr. Lyons.

Mackenzie's throw almost hits the target.

Sadie tries hard to dunk Mr. Kip!

Miss Anderson tests the waters with her unicorn floatie.

Ben scores and Mr. Lyons goes in!

Kai pitches for the target.

Even Miss Anderson had a chance to knock Mr. Kip off his perch! 

Dylan winds up!

Jack gives it a try... 

Brooke dunked Mr. Lyons! 

Mr. Kip had a close call with Nick's throw!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

School Spirit Week at Pine Glen!

This week is School Spirit week. Feel free to let your Pine Glen spirit shine through!