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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Watch out! Solar Eclipse on August 21!

It isn't often that we are able to witness the astronomical event known as a solar eclipse, but on the 21st of this month we will! Although the New England area will not be able to witness a total solar eclipse, being able to witness even a partial solar eclipse can sometimes be a once in a lifetime experience.

Below is a short video explaining this unusual occurrence in a simple and concise manner. If you are looking for a possible read aloud or book on the topic for an older child, you may want to check out this book by astronomy professor, Andrew Fraknoi, and former research solar astronomer, Dennis Schatz:

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Crazy Hair Day at Pine Glen!

My goodness! Our hair is pretty crazy!

Participants in crazy hair day: Dylan, Kai, Ben, Sadie, Morgan, Gwyneth, Melody, Brooke, Mackenzie and Arianna, the mermaid!
Is that a blue unicorn I see? 

This sure brings new meaning to "blue rinse"!

"Mona Lisa Smile"? How about Princess Leia Smile!

Another blue rinse!

Kenzie rocks the styrofoam doll head! 

Sadie! Mel Brooks loves your water-bottle hairdo!

Melody! Melody! Where are you, Melody?

Wait a minute! Where did Pippi come from?

Three cheers for Morgan's red, white and blue!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Dunk Tank Day at Pine Glen!

Just a few pics from today's super fun Dunk Tank activity (Miss V. couldn't keep up with the speed of the pitches so some children are not represented in this collage. Apologies!) ....

A big thank you goes out to Ms.Anderson, Mr. Lyons and Mr. Kippenberger for volunteering to be in the Dunk Tank today. Pine Glen is the best!

Gwyneth dunks Mr. Lyons!

Mr. Kip hands Arianna the ball so she can try and dunk Mr. Lyons.

Mackenzie's throw almost hits the target.

Sadie tries hard to dunk Mr. Kip!

Miss Anderson tests the waters with her unicorn floatie.

Ben scores and Mr. Lyons goes in!

Kai pitches for the target.

Even Miss Anderson had a chance to knock Mr. Kip off his perch! 

Dylan winds up!

Jack gives it a try... 

Brooke dunked Mr. Lyons! 

Mr. Kip had a close call with Nick's throw!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

School Spirit Week at Pine Glen!

This week is School Spirit week. Feel free to let your Pine Glen spirit shine through!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Summer Visiting Animal Program: Volunteers Needed!

Summer Visiting Animal Program

The Burlington Science Center is looking for homes for some of its animals over Summer vacation.

--Gerbils (easy-low care)
--Box turtles (eats salad and live insects)
--Gecko (eats live insects-shedding issues to be concerned with)
--African Clawed Frogs (eats hand fed worms)
--Tarantula (eats live crickets)
--Salamanders (must be hand fed crickets with hand or
--Possibly cockatiels (messy; high care; needs to be a
teflon/non-stick cookware, scented candles, sensitive chemical
free house)

Still waiting back to hear from people so there is a wait list for these animals:
  • Hamster (easy-nocturnal)
  • Guinea Pig (large cage and lots of supplies-high care animal; one is elderly)
  • corn snake (eats mice--needs to be kept in freezer)

--The Science Center will provide cage, STARTER food,
shavings, and care sheet for each animal.
--Call Ms. Pavlicek (781)-270-2928 or e-mail asap if interested.  
--Animals are distributed on a first come, first serve
--All animals must be picked up by June 14th making an appointment with Ms. Pavlicek. Thank you.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Ipswich River Field Trip: INSECTS!

Thank you to all our chaperones for attending the trip with us Friday. We had a fabulous time learning about the habitats of insects! Here are some highlights from our trip:

A beaver lodge on the Ipswich River.

Naturalist, Fred, talks about aquatic insects by the river.

A beaver scent mound: where beavers mark the river's edge for a future lodge site.

Searching for aquatic insects and other animals.

Fred helps to identify some of our aquatic insects.

A beautiful day by the Ipswich River. 
"Look! Look! We found a baby salamander!"

"Hmmm. What's over this side?"

"We have a lot of insects in here!"

Learning about the history of the area.

Trying not to scoop too much mud.

Reviewing what we have already found.

"Wait a minute. Do I see a water snake over there?"

Reviewing  everyone's contributions.

Next habitat: the forest!

Learning about types of insects, mollusks and other arthropods in the forest.

"That's a slug? Why is he all curled up?" (He's nervous.)
Nick and Melody teaming up to find woodland insects.

Fred shows off evidence of woodpeckers looking for insect meals in the forest!

"I found an earthworm!"

"Hey! The slug is starting to uncurl!"

Sharing our insect evidence.

Someone wants to go back home!

A brown toad out looking for lunch!  
And then we found a frog!

On to our next insect habitat: grasslands.

Chasing butterflies and moths.

"We think we found a grasshopper!"

"I really DID catch a grasshopper!"

Nick and Dylan team up to find more insects.
"Crickets, grasshoppers and moths, oh my!"

"We're pretty good at this!"

Grasshoppers galore!

And then we found a leopard frog!

Mykah and Morgan making a great team.