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Friday, November 6, 2009

Classroom Summary for November 2-6

The cold and flu season appears to have visited Pine Glen early this year! Beginning Monday and continuing throughout the week many children and teachers were out due to illnesses. Room 211 was no exception as many of our classmates as well as some of our teachers, Miss Varrell and Mrs. Skehan included, were out with a nasty bug. Because we had such a high absentee rate, this week was used for a lot of review and practice with vowel sounds, spelling patterns, math facts and time-telling.

Next week we will be starting reading groups up again since Miss Varrell is just about finished with her reading assessments. We will be starting up with new groupings and new books and making more progress in our decoding and understanding of what we read and listen to. Next week we will also be finishing up our tree unit with one last activity. And in case you're wondering what we'll be studying next, we will be learning about the phases of the moon!

I'd like to thank Mrs. Papasodoro for coming in and doing her Handwriting Without Tears lesson with the class on Wednesday. I was so sorry I wasn't able to be there to see it. :( Timing is everything it seems. And a big thank you goes to Mrs. Barrucci who was our substitute while I was out. She worked very hard and had lovely things to say about our class. She reported that everyone was very well-behaved which made me happy and proud as a peacock to hear when I came back on Friday. :)

Enjoy the lovely weather this weekend and stay healthy. Getting a good night's sleep, lots of fluids and good nutrition and exercise all help us keep those nasty germs away.

Happy November!

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