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Friday, December 11, 2009

Classroom Summary for December 7-11

Here's what we did this week:

In number corner we looked at some really challenging patterns with shapes at the calendar area. We think we may have figured it out, but we'll have to test out our theories to be sure.

In our Investigations math book we continued working with geometry but we finished our work with rectangles. Next week we will work with a new concept called symmetry. In the meantime, look at all the math words we now know!

In literacy Miss Varrell took some different reading groups (she mixed up the children so some of us are reading with different friends now) this week. Different children are working in How Rattlesnake Got Its Rattle, or The New Baby Calf, or in A Dog's Best Friend, or Friends. We also did a lot of letter sound skillwork by learning about blends this week. We know that a blend is when you have a pair or trio of letters that work together as a unit but whose sound is made up of all the letters in the unit. For example, in the word "strawberry" you can hear each letter in the blend "str". In the word scarecrow there are TWO blends. Can you figure out what they are?

In social studies some students continued to work making our classroom into a rainforest by making more liana vines and animals found in Brazil.

However, for the next few weeks, we will be learning about holidays around the world and what they have in common. We learned that most holidays that are celebrated around the world at this time of year (from mid-October to January) have a very distinct theme: light. From Diwali to Hanukkah to St. Lucia Day to Christmas, light has a very important meaning to people around the globe.

In science we had a presentation by Mr. Papadonis (see Burlington Science Center blog) about how the moon, earth and sun all work together to create the days and nights that we see when we look in the sky. Later in the spring, Mr. Papadonis will come back and complete the presentation with a science experiment he will perform using the sun! We can't wait til then!

FYI: Secret Santa activity information went home in the children's backpacks today (Friday). Please read the notice carefully as it contains information about next week's homework assignments and Secret Santa responsibilities. Each child has drawn the name of a student in our classroom to write secret complimentary messages to next week. The homemade gift that your child will be talking to you about this weekend will also be for the secret pal. Please understand this is activity is NOT meant to be an additional financial burden on your family. Every child is making, not buying, a gift for his/her secret pal. It is okay to buy materials needed to make the gift, but it is not meant to be something that puts your family in the poorhouse! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. The children are very excited to participate and I expect that they will be able to explain in more detail when you speak to them about it! LOL

Also, thank you to the Gavin family for volunteering to take Jake, our classroom pet, over the mid-winter break coming up.

Have a great weekend and keep warm!
Miss Varrell

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