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Monday, January 25, 2010

MOS Chaperone Announcement!

Mr. Nicoloro, Mr. Patel and Mrs. Lane were randomly chosen from our list of volunteers (and there were many!) to attend our first field trip to the Museum of Science on Friday, February 5. They will be joining us as we enjoy and experience the wonderful activities that our science museum has to offer as well as viewing the IMAX presentation of Antarctica. We will make sure we represent Pine Glen School with outstanding behavior, as always.

A big thank you goes out to all those parents who volunteered to chaperone our first field trip. We appreciate your enthusiasm and generosity of time, unfortunately we had a maximum number of parents (3) who could come with us. Those parents who were not selected will be kept on the list of volunteers for March's field trip to the Discovery Museum in Acton (unless otherwise noted on the volunteer slip).

As with all field trips, a CORI form must be on file at the central office (located at the high school) in order for parents to participate in school-sanctioned activities.

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