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Friday, October 1, 2010

Classroom Summary for Sept. 28-October 1

Here's what we accomplished this week....

Ready for the BSO? Mrs. Rzasa teaches us how to play the violin!

In math we continued to work on explaining our thinking using pictures and labels and learning several new games to help us practice our math fact understanding: Plus 1 or 2 Bingo and Make Ten. We also used the game Collect 25 Cents to help us practice trading coins with the same value. We will continue to practice these games throughout the year. Feel free to play them at home!

In our FUNdations phonics/spelling program we have increased our learning of "glued" sounds and vowel teams. We have added the following tiles to our letterboards to use in making words: ea, ee, ey, ang, ank, ing, ink, ong, onk, ung, unk. When writing your sentences for homework next week, see if you can include some sentences with some of these glued sounds and vowel teams!

In Miss Varrell's reading class the children have been working on responding to literature in their journals as well as practicing some cooperative learning strategies to help us comprehend what we read. The new strategy we learned this week was "Turn to Your Partner" (TTYP). When using this strategy, we listen to a question about a story, take time to think (TTT) and then turn to our partner and tell what we know about the answer. It is very important that we remember to use 1) eye contact 2) and nonverbal ways to show we are listening to our partners. During this activity the speaker "has the floor" and the listener is the "audience." After 20-30 seconds, we switch roles. We will learn other strategies over the next few weeks. Next week we will be learning how to keep a reading log.

In writing we practiced using two techniques that authors sometimes use: drawing a picture to get ideas and writing about a personal experience. We are very excited to explore our creative side during writing time and look forward to sharing our stories as we explore our talents in the written world!

In science we are working on a book called "All About Trees" that will demonstrate our understanding of trees and their characteristics. Next week we will make tree necklaces!

Enjoy the weekend and take a leaf walk!

  • Book orders will be going home next week. Please see blog sidebar for information on due dates and waiting periods for books. If there is ever a time when you are purchasing books for gifts, just be sure to write GIFT on the order form and I will contact you via email so that you can pick up the books at school without your child seeing the items!
  • Please continue to read 20 minutes a night and practice math facts with your child.

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