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Monday, November 29, 2010

The Three Amigos In Action!

After the passing of our beloved Cookie (age unknown; mom to Cupcake), Ms. Pavlicek was able to pair Cupcake with two new friends we named Oreo and Hershey. They are enjoying their time together and are looking forward to their two spa vacations in December. Below are the families who were randomly chosen  to host them in December. If your family is interested in having them in the new year, please send in a new note so that I can put your family in the "pool" for the next vacation drawing. Thank you again to all the families who have volunteered and are still volunteering to host!

The Girouard Family ~ pick up from PG Friday, December 3 - return to PG Tuesday, December 7

The Laverty Family ~ pick up from PG Thursday, December 23 - return to PG Monday, January 3

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