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Friday, March 4, 2011

Classroom Summary for February 28-March 4

Here's what we did this week...

In math we have been working on reading, interpreting and completing data tables and charts. We used our patterning skills to identify patterns of number in the data and used that information to help us determine what data was missing. We learned the words increase and decrease to describe some of the number patterns. We also had to use our skip-counting skills (counting by 2's, 3's, 4's, 5's, 6's, etc.) to apply the new data to the tables! Also, this week we continued to work on our fraction skills at Number Corner and we discussed how to understand elapsed time problems with clocks. Elapsed time is a higher level measurement skill that will be worked on in third grade as well. :)

In FUNdations we reviewed the double vowel syllable type. We worked with a lot of ai and ay words to help illustrate the double vowel syllable in different words. So far we have learned different syllable types can always be combined with other types to form multisyllabic words. Here are the types we've learned so far: closed, closed exception, open, open exception, vowel-consonant-e, r-controlled and double vowel. Wow. When we think about all the work we've done so far this year, we really ARE amazing kids!!!

In Miss Varrell's reading group this week, all of us learned that being flexible is a valuable skill. We started off the week going down to the computer lab to work with a great website,,  that Mr. Callahan found for us to use. He taught us how to log on and how to start an assignment. We were VERY excited when we left on Monday. Unfortunately, when we went to use the site as a center in the classroom on Tuesday and Wednesday two of our computers had meltdowns and two others wouldn't allow us to log on in a timely fashion. So by the time Thursday arrived, Miss Varrell was jokingly referring to the website as "deadbird" and she found a different website (not quite the same activities, but a worthy replacement) to be used in the classroom called And what was even better, was that we got to listen to Arthur's Computer Disaster on the site. Miss Varrell was laughing pretty hard when she found it! Clay Aiken narrated the story and we used the LCD projector so everyone could enjoy it. As a result, will probably not be used in our reading class any more but may be a great idea for home. The moral of the story: sometimes when life hands you lemons, you have to make lemonade! :)

In writing we have started writing paragraphs in class. We practiced using topic sentences and how to brainstorm a "wheel" or "web" to get ideas about our topic to include in our paragraphs. We started writing drafts and sharing them this week. When we finish our polished copies, we will illustrate them and hang them in the hallways to show off our fantastic writing skills!

In social studies this week we began learning about the geography of our country. We read from our text book Neighborhoods and Communities. Over the next few weeks we will concentrate our studies on water bodies and landforms that make up our physical world.


  • Room 211 has once again used up our wellness supplies. If you have any spare antibacterial wipes and/or boxes of tissues that you could spare, we would greatly appreciate the donation.
  • Thank you for your patience while the blog went on hiatus. At times during the year it is difficult juggling everything at once.
  • Enjoy the weekend and let's hope for more warm spring-like days!

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