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Friday, March 11, 2011

Classroom Summary for March 7-11

Here's what we did this week...

In math we finished our Investigations unit on number patterns and reading and interpreting tables. We learned that patterns are not always shape or color-related but can be numerical as well. Below is a sample of a table that not only represents data, but illustrates a numerical pattern as well. This is a table that middle school students might use in geometry class. Can you find the number pattern?

At Number Corner we worked on expanding our addition and subtraction drills and continued to work with hundreds, tens and ones at the base ten bank and learning how to "trade." (Moms and dads might have learned the word as "carry" when they were in school.)

In Fundations we continued to work with double vowels, working with ee, ea and ey spellings for the long e sound. We now know that there are 6 ways to write the long e sound: ee, ea, ey, y, e (open syllable like in "me") and e-consonant-e. The next time you go to a restaurant see how many words on the menu have a long e spelling!

In Miss Varrell's reading group we focused on working in our rotating centers. Our centers this week were Technology (using the iPod, the listening center and the computers), Reading Response Journals, IDR (individualized daily reading), Working with Words (Arthur's Computer Disaster activity packet), and working with Miss Varrell on synonyms. We also began listening to one of Miss Varrell's favorite books written by the author Louis Sachar: Marvin Redpost, Kidnapped at Birth. If you are looking for a challenge at home, try writing a summary of the story so far. Which parts are important enough to include? Next week we will keep the same centers but the activities will change!

In writing this week we finished drafting, revising and editing our very first paragraphs! Miss Varrell typed our final drafts for us this time, but next time, we will be responsible for a written copy and then we can type them ourselves! All of the paragraphs are hanging in the second grade wing on the bulletin board for all to read and admire. We are very proud of our work! Next week we will put the paragraphs into a book that we can take turns taking home to share with our families. We hope that over time you will notice our writing improves as we learn more and practice our writing skills.

In social studies this week we finished reading about maps, globes and directions. We began discussing some different landforms and bodies of water that we see in our world. We will make a mini geography book next week. As a side note, although we have finished learning about weather for this year, we did get to see lots of examples of fog and precipitation today. Weather is everywhere all the time!

  • We are still having outdoor recess on the hot top in the teachers' side parking lot. Although we are no longer allowed to play in the snow (too soggy and muddy), it is a good idea to have a change of socks or boots to wear until all the puddles are completely evaporated. We are still several weeks away from being able to use the playground out back.
  • Saturday March 26 is the Pine Glen Carnival. If you have ANY time to volunteer, please contact the PTO. We are always in need of helpers for set-up (Friday afternoon before the carnival), game/activity helpers (day of) and cleaner-uppers (Saturday afternoon after the carnival closes for the day). Please consider volunteering if you haven't already. The children LOVE this annual special event!
  • Please continue to practice math facts with your child at home. Remember, the measurement for mastery is that all facts, both addition and subtraction up to and from 20, should be answered within 3 seconds without the use of a numberline, hundreds chart or fingers!
  • The Reading Corps Chart in our room is GROWING! YAY!!!! Keep up the good work!
  • Report cards go home on Wednesday, March 16.
  • We are still accepting cleaning wipes and tissues if you can spare them. Thank you to those who have already donated. :)

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