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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

We're Preparing to Publish!

Over the next two weeks our classroom will be working towards publishing a hardcover book for our classroom through the educational publishing site, Studentreasures. This is the first time we have used a publishing company to make the writing process more "official" and we are very excited about it!

Recently the children brought home a parent order form for the purpose of ordering an individual copy (or copies) of the book for each family. Please understand that this is NOT required nor is it expected. The purpose of this activity is to literally "publish" a book and keep it in our classroom library for everyone to read and enjoy. However, through this educational publishing company they also offer families the opportunity to have their own copy (copies) of the book to keep for always.

Whether or not you are interested in making a book purchase, we ask that the book form that was sent home Wednesday afternoon be completed by a parent. On the form at the top, there is a box to check YES if you are interested in purchasing a book, with the subsequent payment choice to be completed by you. If you are NOT interested, you just need to check the NO box at the bottom of the form and sign on the line so that I know that you did indeed see the order form, but have declined.

I am asking that all forms be turned in to me by next Wednesday, January 11, so that I can submit the orders with the student work. Please know that it will be quite some time before our books arrive so there will be some wait time between payment and publication.

If you are unable to purchase a book at this time, don't worry. I will have a copy for our classroom that you and your family can borrow, share at home, and then return to school. There is no pressure for you to buy and the decision to purchase a book for your family to keep is completely up to you.

I look forward to seeing the finished product and hope that you will too!

Click here to learn about Studentreasures!

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