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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Classroom Summary for March 25 - 28

Here's what we did this week...

In Fundations we began work in our twelfth unit which focuses on the vowel teams /oi/ and /oy/. We practiced reading and spelling words with these vowel pairs. We learned that when the sound /oi/ comes at the end of a syllable, it is spelled oy but when the sound /oi/ comes at the beginning or middle of a syllable, it is spelled oi. Remember that these spelling rules apply to base words only and do not include the suffixes that are added after the spelling rule is applied. (Suffixes are noted in red.) Below are some examples:

broil          soy               de stroy ed          cloy ing          en joy able          moist

In math we focused our learning this week on patterns. We created movement patterns...

We also made cube trains with Unifix cubes and looked for patterns in number both in the trains we made and with the train pattern extensions we did not make.

We learned what a pattern unit is. A pattern unit is the part of the pattern that repeats. Below is a pattern unit.

Can you show how this pattern would look if it were repeated three times? How would you label the pattern unit?

In Miss Varrell's reading group we continued to work in nonfiction texts. We focused on learning about headings and sub-headings and using pre-questioning (asking questions prior to reading using the table of contents) to help us guide our understanding of the new information we read. We also worked on an activity called "Critic's Corner" where we used a book from our IDR (independent daily reading) to write about. We pasted a picture of ourselves in the corner of a piece of tag board (just a like a critic has his/her picture in the corner of a column in a newspaper) and wrote a summary about our book choice. We also included a Mood-O-Meter on the back to show potential readers of our 'column' the type of mood this book put us in while we were reading it.

In writing we reviewed the skills we've learned so far and had free-writing time while listening to 'quiet music' this week.

In social studies we continued to work on our understanding of landforms and bodies of water. We completed reading chapter one in our social studies book and began illustrating our own mini geography book. We will continue working in our books over the next two weeks.

Weekend Art Challenge:  Anne Geddes and Ansel Adams are very famous photographers who have a distinct photography style. Check out some of their photos with a parent at the library or online. Maybe you have a distinctive photography style too!  Ask an adult family member if you can borrow a
Anne Geddes

Ansel Adams
digital camera or photo-taking device to take a picture of a 'sign of spring' near your house. Ask your family member to email the photo to school ( or print it out for you to bring to school. We will share our evidence on Monday!

  • The English Language Arts MCAS exams were completed in grades 3, 4, and 5 this week. Room 211 students worked very hard to make Pine Glen a quiet and calm testing place for those students taking this comprehensive test of language skills.
  • Mrs. Naddaff came in and worked on a spring craft with our class on Thursday. We had a fabulous time and thank her very much for her time and effort on our behalf. We really enjoyed our special spring treat!
  • Happy Passover and Happy Easter to all!

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