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Friday, March 22, 2013

Classroom Summary March 18 - 22

Here's what we did this week...

In Fundations we completed our unit on the double vowels /ee/, /ea/, and /ey/. We know that ey is most frequently used at the end of multisyllabic words like monkey and money. We also know that the /ea/ and /ee/ double vowels are most often used at the beginning or middle of syllables, although /ee/ can sometimes come at the end of a one syllable word (free) and /ea/ can come at the beginning of a syllable (each). Next week we will work on the double vowels that make the long o sound. Can you guess what those might be?

In Math we continued our work with tables and charts with missing data. We learned how to identify patterns in number to discover what data was missing and then applied the information we read in the tables to discover the answer to the question: What is the mystery shape? We used our knowledge of  geometry and pattern blocks and counting in groups to solve various mystery shape problems. Our homework on Monday will reinforce our work with tables.

In Miss Varrell's reading group the children began reading about the science topic of amphibians and reptiles. Each group had to identify the parts of the text that proved that the book was nonfiction. Next week we will learn how reading a nonfiction book is much different from reading a fiction book. We began using an information organizer to help us comprehend the text before, during and after reading. Next week we will complete more of the organizer. At our centers, we worked on our Kidblogs, kept track of our independent reading in our reading logs and worked on a skill sheet about adjectives and 'check-up' sheet on inferring. Ask us what two questions an adjective will always answer!

In Writing this week we continued to work in our writing folders at various stages of the writing process: brainstorming, drafting, revising, editing and publishing. Miss Varrell taught a mini-lesson on how to use questioning to help us revise and improve our writing. We each took turns reading a piece of writing to a buddy. After the reading, our buddy asked us up to three questions about our writing. When we were able to answer the buddy's question(s), we went back to our writing and inserted the information where it would most make sense. When we were finished we shared! Below is a video and some photographs to illustrate our process:

In Social Studies we began our unit on landforms and bodies of water. We began reading a chapter from our social studies book called "Where We Live." We noticed that just like in nonfiction books we have read in reading class, our social studies book had some of the same special text features. There were maps, photographs, and instead of bold words, some words were underlined. We know that when we see words that are bold or are underlined, the author is telling us to pay special attention to them. Many times the meaning of those words is stated right in the same sentence! So far we learned the following terms: map key, island, hill, mountain, peninsula, plains, lake, ocean and river. We will learn more as we continue reading the chapter next week.

Weekend Challenge:  Here's an expression that people often say around this time of year:

March comes in like a lion but goes out like a lamb. 

What do you think it means? Write your answer using TTQA (turn the question around) on an index card. On the other side of the card, draw a picture illustrating your meaning. Bring your card in on Monday!


  • The Pine Glen Carnival is just a couple of weeks away! The PTO is in need of set-up, day-of, and break-down volunteers for this annual event. Any amount of time you can give is appreciated. Also, thank you to those families who have donated to the Room 211 Raffle Basket that our room parent, Mrs. Naddaff, is organizing. If you have already volunteered to work the carnival and have already sent in your donation, the Pine Glen Community sincerely thanks you!
  • Book orders were placed on Friday, March 22. Books usually take about 1-2 weeks to arrive. As soon as they arrive I will send them home with your child. Thank you for helping our class earn book points!
  • Good Friday is March 29. There is no school.
  • Please continue to have your child bring in his/her reading corps slips. For every 15 minutes your child reads, one box can be crossed off. Parents just need to initial or sign each slip (don't worry about signing every single box) and send them in to school. We are keeping track of our home reading progress on a poster in our classroom. We would love to see everyone have their boxes filled before the end of the year!
  • In the homework packet for next week, there is no draft page included, but there will be two graphic organizers attached instead. Please have your child use whichever one he or she prefers when brainstorming ideas for his/her paragraph. The only paragraph paper that needs to be returned to school is the final draft; the graphic organizers are to assist your child (and you) when beginning the writing process at home. Thank you for all your support!

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