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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Celebrations of Peace and Good Will

Many charity sites have been established in the past few days for victims of the Boston Marathon tragedy. Governor Deval Patrick and Mayor Menino have formed The One Fund as a community site where donations can be collected and distributed to all victims of Monday's tragic events.

On a more local level, you may already be aware that Jeff Bauman, Jr., a resident of Chelmsford, is the young man who lost both his legs in Monday's violent attack. His iconic photo with the 'man in the hat' running beside him has been indelibly imprinted on all our hearts forever. Below, is a link to a donation site established by his friends to help support him as his medical bills come due.

In addition, two residents of Stoneham, brothers and fellow classmates of Ms. Anderson, are also dealing with similar losses. They and two other residents of Stoneham who were also injured in the attacks have a long and arduous recovery road ahead of them. You can find links to donation sites set up for them by their friends and family here:

Over the next couple of weeks, Room 211 will be making Peace t-shirts. We will create and decorate t-shirts that will inspire, remind and reassure our community and the world that there is nothing more important than love, friendship and peace among all people. My goal is to have family and/or friends (parents, siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, neighbors, etc.) 'purchase' the student-made t-shirts for a voluntary donation to The One Fund to help support those who lost so much as a result of the week's traumatic events.

That being said, I am asking Room 211 families if they might kindly donate any or all of the following items by Wednesday, April 24. I will augment/supplement any materials* that are additionally needed. It would be wonderful if every student had at least one child t-shirt and one adult t-shirt to decorate, but the number of t-shirts your child decorates is completely up to you. Here's what I think we will need:

  • adult 50/50 pre-washed (no fabric softener used) white t-shirts in packages, singles, etc.
  • child 50/50 pre-washed (no fabric softener used) white t-shirts in packages, singles, etc.
  • fabric pens
  • laundry pens
  • fabric paint 
  • wax paper
  • rectangular cardboard (size found in shirt packages)
  • foil
  • styrofoam (meat) trays 
  • compressed sponges (see below)

*We will not be using 'iron-on' or 'sew-on' patches for decoration. 

I thank you in advance for your help in making next week's transition back to school as reassuring and joyful as possible. We will keep you informed as we complete our t-shirts for 'purchase.' 

Stay tuned....

Peace be with you,
Miss Varrell

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