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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Wanted: April Vacation Time-Share by Snowflake and Cupcake

Dear Room 211 Human Families,

It has recently come to our attention that Room 211 will be on vacation in April. Snowflake and I squeaked and decided that we would like to take a vacation too! We thought about staying at Pine Glen, but then we realized no one would be here to play with us. We squeaked with Miss Varrell this morning and she told us we should write a post on the blog to see if there might be a time-share available for us. Unfortunately, we knocked over Miss Varrell's coffee on the way to the computer and then we had some trouble with the keyboard when Snowflake's tail got stuck in the spacebar, so Miss Varrell has rudely stuck us back in the cage while we dictate to her as she types (we hope she doesn't mess this up for us)...

"Two lovely, well-mannered and courteous gerbils are seeking a week-long vacation in Burlington, MA during April Vacation week. As we are quite dainty and small and don't require much room AND will bring our own food and vacation supplies (in our luggage), you will be so pleased to have us as guests! We are very quiet, but we do sometimes like to get our exercises done in the evening. Miss Varrell has told us that we are what you call "night-owls." But don't listen to her. Like we said before, we're gerbils. Anyhoo...if there is a family that would like to sponsor us, we would love to come and stay at your house for the week. Miss Varrell is very particular and won't let us visit without your permission (she's so picky) so if you would like to offer your home to us, we will need you to write to Miss Varrell to let her know before Monday, April 8.

Thank you for your consideration,
Cupcake (and Snowflake too)"

P.S. Snowflake wants everyone to know that her tail is all better now.  

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