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Friday, November 14, 2014

Discovery Museum!

We had a wonderful day at the Discovery Museum in Acton, MA today. Below are some pictures of our day. Thank you so much to Mrs. Boyadjiev, Mr. Wittbold, and Ms. Sunderland for all their help keeping us safe today. We made Pine Glen proud today!

Rowing along while listening to a story....

Designing a boat for the treasure.

Looking over the materials before designing a boat.

"What do you think will float?" 
"What if we try this?"

"Let's hope this design keeps the food dry!"

Boat Design

Boat Design

"Uh oh...." 
Discovering magnets!

This shark tooth sure is big!

At the inventor's workshop....

How high do you think these will bounce?

"I've seen this photograph before in another book!"

Making a tornado! 
Wow! That's tall!

Designing a trail for the ball....

Capturing clouds in tubes!

Future sound mixers!

Using a mirror to design.

Thank goodness! It's lunch time!

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