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Friday, December 5, 2014

Classroom Summary for December 1 - 5

Here's what we did this week...

In math this week we began working in Topic 7 of our Envision program. We began the unit by reviewing mental addition strategies that were very similar to this week's mental subtraction strategies. We used hundred charts and moved UP rows to subtract tens and to the LEFT to subtract ones. When we used hundred charts to add last week, we had to move DOWN rows to count tens and to the RIGHT to count ones. A different subtraction strategy we attempted this week however, was using addition to solve a subtraction problem! This strategy was more challenging to get the hang of but we all tried our best and some of us were able to do it independently by the end of the lesson.

In Fundations this week we completed Unit 5 which focused on reading and forming multisyllabic words, spelling using the syllable strategy 'ic' and reading and writing suffixes and base words. Next week we will focus on the v-C-e syllable type!

In Miss Varrell's reading group we began a unit working with parts of speech. We learned about singular vs. plural nouns and then moved on to irregular plural nouns. We discovered that some plural nouns are irregular because they are exactly the same as their singular forms and then we learned that some plural nouns are irregular because they are a completely different word! Here are some examples that we worked with this week:

                                      Singular                                      Plural
                                        deer                                             deer
                                        fish                                               fish
                                        child                                          children
                                         ox                                               oxen
                                        goose                                          geese

Miss Varrell also began reading assessments this week. Everyone in class is being asked to read 1/3 of a 300-word sight word list in addition to completing a text reading and follow-up writing assignment from the district reading assessment tool, the DRA (Developmental Reading Assessment). These assessments will take multiple days to complete in order to assess every child.

In Writing Workshop this week we continued to work on our personal narratives. Miss Varrell introduced us to the proofreading Super Star. When we finish a draft, we follow the steps on the super star to be sure we have checked our writing for topic development, punctuation and spelling. When we have completed a super star, we have a writing conference to decide whether we are ready to publish or if we need to revise and create a second draft before publishing.

In science this week we completed our moon unit and wrote some moon facts to include in our class book. We will take a test next week before we begin working in our second social studies unit on world cultures.

International Space Station

Weekend Challenge Activity: Create a board game where you need to solve addition and subtraction problems using a hundreds chart. Include an instruction sheet and a list of materials you would need to play (other than the board that you created). Bring your game to school so we can play it (and possibly share it with our fourth grade math buddies)!


  • Good news! The Genevieve orders are in! If your family participated in the fundraiser by ordering items from the catalog, you can pick up your goodies at school this week. Thank you for your contribution to our PTO.
  • Book order forms will be coming home this week for December orders. If you would like me to hold your order when it comes and not send it home with your child, just send a note in with your order and I will keep your secret for you!
  • Our classroom celebration will be held on Monday, December 21. More information will follow in the coming weeks!
  • Have a great weekend!

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