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Friday, January 16, 2015

Classroom Summary for January 12 - 16

Here's what we did this week...

In math this week we graduated from adding double digit numbers without regrouping to adding two two-digit numbers with regrouping. Regrouping is the term that is used when you exchange ten ones for a group of ten. We even added columns of three two-digit numbers with regrouping! Next week we will complete this topic and move on to Topic 9.

This week we also tried out a new math skill reinforcement website/app called Tenmarks* to see if we liked it. Tenmarks is very different from Xtramath and Reflex because it does not focus on math fact fluency, but instead focuses on skill reinforcement in a variety of math concepts such as number and operations, geometry, time, money, graphing and data and problem solving. Students often require paper and pencil in order to complete the Tenmarks assignments which allows for immediate application of school strategies while employing motivating technology. Here are some photos from our first practice with Tenmarks this week:

*If you are interested in having your child access Tenmarks at home, a username and password is required. Please contact Miss Varrell and a Tenmarks introductory letter will be sent home by request.

In Fundations this week we practiced spelling words using the vowel Y: base words that end with Y and words that use suffixes with Y: -y, -ly and -ty. We also learned that words that end with the -y suffix are often examples of the part of speech known as the adjective. Here are some -y words that we discovered were adjectives: windy, snowy, rainy, etc. Adjectives are words that describe nouns.

In reading this week we began using the work board to help us get used to moving to different centers. We also began working on our mid-year i-Ready reading assessments which are given to all students across the district. These assessments are called 'universal screens' because they help inform teachers and specialists about possible academic strengths and weaknesses and allow administrators to collect reading progress data. We will continue with our assessments next week.

In social studies this week we continued to work on our Journey Around the World mapping project. As we complete our projects we will begin a brief review of landforms and bodies of water before beginning a world cultures project that will involve learning how to research, using multiple sources for information and drafting and publishing a piece of informative (expository) writing.

Weekend Challenge Activity: Write a letter to Martin Luther King, Jr. as if he were alive today. Be sure to tell him things about the world that you think he should know and ask him some questions that you would like to find out. Remember that your letter must have five parts: the date, the greeting, the body, a closing and a signature. Bring your letter to school on Monday to share!


  • There is no school this Monday, January 19 in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.
  • Book orders were placed this week. Books take about 2-3 weeks to arrive. Our next book order will be in February.
  • Enjoy the long weekend and stay warm!

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