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Friday, January 9, 2015

Classroom Summary for January 5 - 9

Here's what we did this week...

In math we began working on our eighth topic which focuses on addition with regrouping. We learned that regrouping means making ten ones into one group of ten. We started by using models (cubes) to regroup (taking ten ones and making a ten rod out of them) and by the end of the week we were only using paper and pencil to show our regrouped tens just like adults do! We are super excited to be able to do grown-up math. Next week we will begin adding TWO two digit numbers with regrouping!

In Fundations we began working in our seventh topic: the open syllable. We learned that open syllables have no consonant closing them in and therefore they make a long sound (say their name). They can be combined with any other type of syllable to make a multisyllabic word. We also learned that when Y is being used as a vowel it can make two different sounds: long e or long i. If a word has more than one syllable and ends with the long e sound, it most likely is spelled with a Y at the end. But if it's only a monosyllabic word, a Y is being used to spell the long i sound.

In reading this week Miss Varrell introduced students to their new book baskets both in the classroom and on the RAZ-kids website/app. We began working with some new center activities in preparation for our reading work-board. We learned how to set up and break down the iPod listening center and how to use SpellingCity (website/app) with Miss Varrell's 'No Excuse' word lists. Next week we will test out a few more centers and begin using the work board while Miss Varrell takes reading groups. Our focus this month will be reading nonfiction text and learning how to use nonfiction text features to accurately comprehend informational books.

In Writing Workshop this week we began learning about informational writing (expository). We know that this type of writing is always nonfiction and usually tells gives information about a particular topic. On Friday we began working on a piece of writing called "How to Wash a Dog." The prewriting we had to do involved thinking about and discussing all the steps it takes to wash a dog. What kind of a day should it be? What supplies are required? What steps are involved in actually washing the dog? We did the prewriting together as a class and then we worked on our own drafts with a buddy when we were finished. Next week we will complete our drafts and share them.

During Social Studies this week we continued to work on our World Mapping project. We used world atlases, globes, maps, chart maps, and Google Earth to help us locate and find various landforms and bodies of water throughout the world. We will finish our project next week.

Weekend Challenge Activity: Find out where your family originated from and locate it on a map. Bring your discovery in on an index card on Monday!


  • Please know that the children will be going outside to recess more often than not. (The exceptions being overly snowy days and temperatures deemed unhealthy.) Hats, gloves, scarves and sometimes boots are a good idea most days. :)
  • Happy New Year!
  • Stay warm this weekend and take some time to read aloud to your child. They LOVE it!

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