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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Classroom Summary for October 5 - October 9

Jake G.

Here's what we did this week...

In math we began our third Topic of enVisionMATH. Over the next week we will be working on subtraction strategies that mirror the strategies we learned in addition last week: subtracting 0, 1, 2; subtracting using doubles, etc.  We continue to use Xtramath and/or Reflex for practice with math facts every day and we reinforce math skills with STMath. We will have access to several more math apps and programs over the course of the year. They will be introduced as our progress continues.

In Fundations we completed the second unit of phonemic awareness focusing on glued/welded sounds, bonus letters and the introduction of r-controlled vowels. Next week we will begin learning a new syllable type: the closed syllable. We will learn the spelling rules associated with it and practice words that follow those rules (e.g. wild, post, find, cold).

In Miss Varrell's reading group we continued to work on comprehension strategies. This week we worked on making connections to what we read and stopping to reflect on what we know AS we read. We used Sheila Rae the Brave by Kevin Henkes as our model text. We also did some newspaper reading in our Scholastic News this week. We worked with our reading partners and responded to the nonfiction article "Johnny Appleseed" by using the TTQA method (turn the question around). We continue to read in our book baskets and follow up with daily comments in our reading logs.

In Writing Workshop we participated in a contest through Harper Collins Publishers by writing a follow up response to the new Henkes' book Waiting.

We created a fabulous bulletin board to display our thoughts about what we wait for. First we wrote drafts of what we wanted to say and then we edited and rewrote our thoughts onto sentence strips to hang them up. We then worked on some drawings done in library with Ms. Carney and some three dimensional illustrations in writing workshop. Here are some photos of our creativity:

We hope to win a visit from Kevin Henkes by coming in first place!

In Science we are almost finished with our tree book illustrations. However, our big project this week was focusing on an Explain Everything (app) project with Mrs. Ardizzoni. On Wednesday we took a 'tree walk' and took photographs with our iPads of different characteristics of trees. We looked for evidence of the parts of a tree, what a tree needs to grow and what makes a tree deciduous vs. coniferous. We will take the next few days to create slides that include our evidence. At the end we will have our own short videos that display our knowledge of trees!

Spotlight on Specials: Music class with Mrs. DeMartinis

Weekly Challenge Activity: Write a story problem using subtraction. Use your family as the characters in your story. Bring your story problem to class on Tuesday and you may be featured in the blog next week!

Parent F.Y.I.

  • Please keep the purple field trip permission slips and accompanying payment coming in. Our first field trip is scheduled for Friday, October 30 so we are hoping to send in our deposit this week. Thank you to those families who have previously sent in their forms and money. 
  • If your family is interested in hosting the gerbils over a long weekend or week-long vacation this year, please send a note in naming the specific weekend/vacation week you would like to host and I will put you on our list. Children often 'volunteer' their parents without checking first so I will wait for your signed note before adding you to our list. :) The gerbils are available to stay with your family for: Thanksgiving, December break, MLK Weekend, February break, Good Friday/Easter Weekend, April break and Memorial Day Weekend. In the event that multiple families ask for the same weekend, a random drawing will be held. Families will be notified via email and/or phone if they are selected. *Gerbils and their supplies must be picked up by a parent and cannot be taken on the bus.*
  • Our Leaf Pressing Homework Project is due October 19th. Project instructions went home last week (neon green flyer). Thank you for working with your child at home on this project. :)

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