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Friday, January 22, 2016

Classroom Summary for January 19 - 22

Ryan M.
Here's what we did this week...

In math this week we began working with subtraction of double digit numbers. We learned that regrouping is a term that is used not only in addition to 'make a ten' but it is used in subtraction when you need to 'break a ten'. We practiced subtracting single digit numbers from double digit numbers using cubes as models to help us.

In reading this week we went down to the computer lab to take our winter iReady reading assessment. Mrs. Ardizzoni taught us some universal test-taking skills before we began. The iReady reading assessment is a district-wide universal screener to identify progress trends in Burlington elementary reading. Teachers use the information to help guide their instruction practices and administrators use it for district curriculum decisions and state mandated documentation. These tests are just one of many different types of assessments that educators use to help inform instruction and teaching practices.

In Fundations we completed our unit about open syllables and additional suffixes. We practiced working with multisyllabic words where each syllable was a different type and we also worked with words that had the suffixes -ty, -ly and -y. We remembered to underline the base word and circle the suffix when 'marking up' words. We also worked in Spelling City to practice our new trick words and 'no excuse' words for January. Some of us are making great strides in our daily spelling with the extra practice!

In writing workshop Miss Varrell's mini lesson was a continuation of last week's: the revising process. We learned to read through our paragraphs for different purposes. Last week's purpose was to look for repetitive phrases or words such as "I like..., I like..., I like....". This week's revising goal was to look for boring words or phrases and spice them up with juicier words:

"stuff": -->  summer pool parties   
"things": -->  colored sprinkles, hot fudge, cherries

In social studies we continued our work with maps, globes, landforms and bodies of water. We created a mini book to demonstrate the different terms with illustrations. We will finish our learning by completing our books and identifying famous international landforms and bodies of water next week.

Lastly, we had a special science program this week presented by the Burlington Science Center. Ashley T. was randomly chosen to be one of the second grade trash detectives during the program. Go Ashley! We learned a lot about recycling and waste and composting and how we can all help our environment by doing little things at school and home to help keep the earth a cleaner, greener and more sustainable place to live.

Ashley T. (left)

Miss Pavlicek and the Trash Detectives
Weekend Challenge Activity: After this weekend's storm ends, ask your mom or dad if you can help shovel out the fire hydrant or storm drain nearest to your house. Ask your parent to take a picture of you at work! Bring it to school on Monday or ask Mom or Dad to email to Miss Varrell at school. Pictures brought/sent in will be sent to the Burlington Fire Department for their "Wow! Look at these fantastic Fire Department Helpers from Pine Glen" bulletin board. (If they don't have a bulletin board like that, we'll just have to make sure they start one!)

Parent F.Y.I.

  • If your child does not yet have a library card, please consider visiting the public library this weekend and applying for one. It's the best 'credit' card he/she will ever own. 
  • Keep sending in your reading corps slips and practicing your math facts! Remember, you can use flash cards, index cards, computer programs or apps. Whatever motivates you is what you should use. :)
  • Enjoy the weekend and stay healthy!

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