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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Classroom Summary for March 14 - 18

Sofie G.

Here's what we did this week...

In math this week we continued to work in our unit about three digit addition and subtraction. We reviewed double digit addition with and without regrouping and practiced applying the strategies to three digit addition problems. We will work with three digit subtraction problems in the upcoming week.

In Fundations we continued to work with the double vowel syllable type but this week we focused on using the /ee/ea/ey/ spellings and applying them to both one syllable and multisyllabic words. We applied our understanding of the /ay/ spelling rule to the /ey/ spelling rule: both /ay/ and /ey/ spellings most often appear at the end of a syllable and not in the beginning or middle of the syllable. We also practiced all the symbols used when marking up words to review our learning from first grade on. For more information about syllabication rules (reading in "chunks" and how to read those "chunks") see the image below:

In Miss Varrell's reading group we continued to work with nonfiction texts and reviewing nonfiction text features (e.g. table of contents, index, glossary, headings, photographs, captions, etc.). We used the workboard to schedule time with independent daily reading, spelling practice, writing an 'unconventional' book report and a word game. We will hang our book reports up in the second grade hallway next week!

In writing workshop (and science class) we published our Moon Book where we used nonfiction text features in our writing instead of our reading. Over several weeks we collected and wrote down information from research (reading books, looking at videos, etc.), completed a draft and helped revise and proofread to make a polished copy of a paragraph about the moon. We made illustrations with labels and later on made some of the key science words in our paragraphs bold so that we could make a glossary to add to our table of contents, title page and dedication page. We are so proud of our hard work!

At the end of the week we went on our trip to the Natural History Museum in Cambridge, MA. Miss Varrell will add the pictures she took to the blog in a few days. Stay tuned!

Weekend Challenge Activity: Make a "Happy Spring" card for an elderly person in your neighborhood. Everyone likes to get mail and maybe you will make a new friend (with parent permission, of course)!

Parent F.Y.I.
  • Thank you very much to Mrs. Baglio and Mr. Goodwin for coming with us on our field trip this week! Our next field trip will be in May. All parents are welcomed to attend as chaperones if they have a current CORI on file. More information about the May field trip will be given closer to the field trip date (see sidebar on blog for field trip date).
  • This Friday, March 25 is Good Friday. There is no school.
  • If your family is interested in taking the gerbils for April vacation please send an email or a note to school with your child. They come with all equipment and supplies needed for the week. Thank you!

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