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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Classroom Summary for April 25 - 29


 Here's what we did this week....

In math we completed our twelfth topic: Geometry. We learned about solid figures (three dimensional shapes) and plane figures (two dimensional shapes), arrays with columns and rows, making larger shapes from smaller ones and smaller shapes from larger ones and lastly we learned about fractions. Topic 13 is all about money identification and counting money. Being able to recognize real coins is essential when trying to count money so we began our unit by using magnifying glasses and looking at real coins. Next week we will use the information we gathered to help us as we count larger and larger amounts of change. 



In our literacy block this week we focused on writing. We have studied narrative writing and informational/explanatory writing. It was time to begin a different style of writing known as persuasive or opinion writing. We began the week by looking at a model text to understand the characteristics of persuasive writing followed by interactive writing (whole class guided by teacher), small group writing, and finally, independent writing. By the end of the week we had practiced writing three different paragraphs, each time getting better at including more details and being more persuasive in our arguments. Our writing samples will be hung in the hallway outside Mrs. Salvador's reading room for all to see for the next month. Here are a few samples of what we wrote about this week (additional draft copy typing by students, by choice):

In science we completed our unit on weather, the water cycle and clouds. Below are some of the activities we participated in while learning about these important science concepts:

Evaporation experiments
Journaling about evaporation observations...

Making group Water Cycle posters... 

We will be working on our next science topic on animals in the upcoming weeks.  In second grade our animal unit includes the groups of animals known as amphibians, reptiles and insects. 

Week-long Challenge Activity:   Ask your parents to participate in a game called "Fraction Snack-tion" with you. The purpose of the game is to see if you can correctly guess the kind of fractions your snack is cut into each day. All you need is a lunch box with a snack inside (or lunch sandwich) cut into a different fraction amount each day to play. How to play: Mom (or dad) packs your lunch and cut your lunch and/or snack into fractions. You write down on a scrap piece of paper what the type of fraction you think they divided your snack (lunch) into and bring the paper home. Share your guess with your Mom or Dad to see if you were right! Remember, some fractions are: halves, thirds, fourths. Be prepared for Mom or Dad to challenge you with different fraction amounts like sixths or eighths!

Parent F.Y.I. 
  • Our last field trip is this month. We will be traveling to the Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary (Audubon property) on May 20. All parents are welcomed to attend as chaperones, however, only two chaperones will be able to ride the bus with us and attend as our guests (random drawing). 
  • If you are interested in attending this field trip as a chaperone, please send an email or a note with your child. A reminder email will be sent home this week. Parents interested in attending as chaperones must have a current CORI on file and have attended one of Mr. Lyons' confidentiality meetings held throughout the year. CORIs can be applied for at the central office at the high school and should be done at least two weeks in advance.
  • A reminder notice will be sent home to those families who have not prepaid for this field trip.
  • Career Day is being held on Tuesday, June 7. If you are interested in volunteering at this fabulous schoolwide event, please contact Ms. Zanotti at 781-270-1715.

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