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Friday, May 27, 2016

Classroom Summary for May 23 - 27

Room 211 at the Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary
(photo courtesy of Mrs. Robitaille)

Here's what we did this week...

In math we completed our Envision units on money and began working with time, data and graphing. We have been working with mini clocks to practice telling time to the hour, half hour, quarter hour and minute. We learned a quick way to remember which hand on the analog clock is for the hour and which is for the minute. If you look at the words "hour" and "minute", the word "hour" is shorter (shorter hand) and the  word "minute" is longer (longer hand)! Our graphing work focuses on bar graphs this week. We will finish up this unit next week. Other than using our mini clocks to help us practice telling time, we used an app on the iPad called Telling Time Free by King's Apps. It is a free app (if it's free it's for Miss V!) and is available on the App Store with the following logo:

If you don't mind having your child use a wireless device at home, I would recommend this one for telling time. It can be set with easier or harder questions, more or fewer number of questions and can be used with a timer to increase telling time speed.  

In reading, we finished listening to the read aloud book The Not So Jolly Roger from the Time Warp Trio series by Jon Scieszka. Although we read the second book in the series, Miss Varrell has located book #1 at the public library and we hope to read that next week. This week Miss Varrell gave her nonfiction reading assessments to each student individually. Students continued to work in their independent daily reading folders and leveled reading stories on RazKids. Next week we will work on some Readers' Theater projects to round out this year's tiered reading instruction.

In Writing Workshop we worked on writing some acrostic poetry. We used our knowledge of amphibians, insects and reptiles to write some very unique and thoughtful poems. We will continue to work on some different forms of poetry over the next two weeks. 

In science we have been working on our animal unit. We have studied amphibians, we are currently learning about insects and next week we will learn about reptiles. We have had several visitors to our classroom from all three animal types. Unfortunately Miss Varrell did not get a chance to take a picture of our bull frogs before they had to return but she did get a few photos of the rest....

Empty Luna Moth Cocoon

Luna Moth Ready to Fly...

Luna Moth in Full Display...
Beautiful Luna Moth
Lastly, our field trip to the Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary was a huge success! Thank you to Mrs. Robitaille, Mrs. Grossman and Mr. Goodwin for taking to the trails with us. On our trip we saw deer, a snake, some turtles, frogs, a beautiful slug and lots and insects: aquatic, woodland and field varieties. We chased flying insects with nets, scooped field insects, caught aquatic insects with sieves and buckets and rolled logs to find lots of hidden woodland insects like beetles and ants.  We had a wonderful time and enjoyed a fabulous picnic lunch with our friend Mr. Toad! Here are some snapshots of our day:

Weekend Challenge Activity: Take the opportunity to sit outside this weekend and look at nature in your own backyard. How many animals do you see? How many different kinds are there? How many different types of trees do you have? Can you see the moon at night this weekend? If you have a pool, with an adult, can you get something to "flink" (something that floats, get it to sink; something that sinks, get it to float) like we did at our field trip in October? Think of all the science learning we have done this year. Can you find any more examples in your own back yard?

Parent F.Y.I.
  • Thank you again to our fabulous chaperones, Mr. Goodwin, Mrs. Grossman and Mrs. Robitaille for coming on our field trip last week. It was great to have you with us! 
  • The Science Center is looking for "foster families" to take animals over the summer. Please contact Ms.Pavlicek (Pav-lih-check) if you are interested: or 781.270.1835
  • Ms. Govoni is looking for Field Day volunteers for June 3 (rain date June 10). If you are able to volunteer, please contact her at or 781.273.7037
  • Have a great long weekend!

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