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Monday, June 19, 2017

Dunk Tank Day at Pine Glen!

Just a few pics from today's super fun Dunk Tank activity (Miss V. couldn't keep up with the speed of the pitches so some children are not represented in this collage. Apologies!) ....

A big thank you goes out to Ms.Anderson, Mr. Lyons and Mr. Kippenberger for volunteering to be in the Dunk Tank today. Pine Glen is the best!

Gwyneth dunks Mr. Lyons!

Mr. Kip hands Arianna the ball so she can try and dunk Mr. Lyons.

Mackenzie's throw almost hits the target.

Sadie tries hard to dunk Mr. Kip!

Miss Anderson tests the waters with her unicorn floatie.

Ben scores and Mr. Lyons goes in!

Kai pitches for the target.

Even Miss Anderson had a chance to knock Mr. Kip off his perch! 

Dylan winds up!

Jack gives it a try... 

Brooke dunked Mr. Lyons! 

Mr. Kip had a close call with Nick's throw!

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