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Friday, January 15, 2010

Classroom Summary for January 11-15

Happy Friday! Here's what we did this week in school:

In literacy this week, our phonics learning was focused on r-controlled vowels (ar, or, ir, er, and ur). We know that er, ir and ur all sound alike so it's very important to notice where they occur in words. This way we have a better idea of when to use which /er/ sound! We also began learning about homophones. We know that a homophone is a word that sounds like another word, but is spelled differently and means something different as well. Two examples we talked about this week were "no" and "know" and "hear" and "here." We will learn more about homophones as we progress through the term. In reading this week we met in our reading groups as usual, but we also took some time in the computer lab on Wednesday to do a reading activity. It is the same activity we did back in September so that Miss Varrell can compare how we are reading now with how we were reading then! Some of the books we read in groups this week were Mouse TV, Red-Eyed Tree Frog, A Chair for my Mother, The Magic Hat, and The Popcorn Shop.

In math we continued to work on number strings and understanding how order doesn't make a difference when you're adding different addends together. Number strings are equations with 3 or more addends. We have been learning how to isolate two addends to add at a time and then adding all the sums together to get one final total for the whole equation. In order to decide on the addends we add first, sometimes we choose to add two addends that make a ten (8+2), sometimes we choose two that are "doubles," (8+8) and sometimes we choose two that are "neighbors." (8+7) Here is an example of how a number string might look in our workspace (the answer would be circled at the end and you would cross off each addend as you used it in your workspace):


FYI: We will not be working on a new spelling unit next week as it is a short week. We will use the time to work on some other written skills in its place. Have a wonderful Martin Luther King Day and enjoy a good read-aloud together.

Miss Varrell :)

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