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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Yikes! Is it that time already?

I must apologize for the absence of blog updates recently. Sometimes life gets in the way of technology!  Here is the latest information for you (sorry there are no photos; Miss V's camera was MIA this week).  I'm using a list format for this blog entry as it would appear to be the quickest way to get you information for this posting:

1. Thank you to Mrs. Papasodoro for her help on the field trip recently. I was out with strep throat and grounded by my doctor from going to the museum. I heard great comments about the museum so I would say that our last trip of the year was a definite success!

2.  Jake, our gerbil, will be looking for a summer vacation home soon. If your family is interested, please contact me or Ms. Pavlicek at the science center at 781 270 2928. The science center will provide the cage, starter shavings and food and a care sheet. If you are interested in any OTHER animals who will also be looking for summer homes, feel free to volunteer! All animals must be picked up by making an appointment with Ms. Pavlicek so be sure to call!

3. Please note that the last book order of the year is due this Friday, May 28. Books will arrive before the last day of school and will go home as soon as they arrive.

4.  This week is the last week of spelling with our spelling book word lists. Children are still responsible for learning and practicing their No Excuse Words. A test on all 115 words (25 from first grade and 90 new words from second grade) will be given closer to the end of school so keep practicing!

5.  As you know, the closer we get to the last day of school the more cleaning we try to do around the room before the summer break. If your family is able to send in any paper towel rolls and/or clorox or lysol cleaning wipes it would be greatly appreciated. Helping to organize the room for the following year allows children to have some closure to their own second grade year and make the transition to their next year's classroom. :)

6.  Please be sure your child is coming to school with a water bottle each day.  Now that the heat has started to enter the building it is important that the children stay hydrated throughout the day, especially on gym days (Monday and Friday). Although water bottles can be a distraction during work time, they are allowed to keep them under their desks throughout the day.

7.  If you think your child has left any clothing at school over the course of the year, please be sure to stop by the Lost and Found outside the office and check out our wide selection of fantastic outerwear, lunchboxes and assorted accessories!

8.  FIELD DAY is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, June 10. If you are able to volunteer, please let Ms. Govoni know ASAP.

Our blog will be updated as more information becomes available. If there is time for photos, I will post them as soon as I can download them to the blog.

Happy Memorial Day!
Miss Varrell

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