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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

And then there were two...

As you may have already heard, we experienced another gerbil loss this week. (We think it was Cupcake, but we still can't tell them all apart.) Miss Varrell spoke with Miss Pavlicek at the Science Center and she assured us that the cause was very possibly age, as we do not know the precise ages of the gerbils that we get each year. We know that Taylor and her family took very good care of the gerbils over the long weekend and it was unfortunate that they had to handle the responsibility of seeing to Cupcake's funeral (Donald was very understanding and talked to Taylor explaining that he knew exactly how she was feeling). We know that it was no one's fault and that these things happen. Gerbils have a much shorter lifespan than some other pets, so we just have to understand that it's part of the cycle of life.

We understand that families might be a little wary of taking the gerbils home based on our past history this year, but we appreciate you taking the opportunity to experience what it's like to own a pet on a short term basis before you take one on a long term basis. Although it may not seem like it at the time, it's a wonderful learning experience for families, even when there is a sad ending to the visit.

Rest in peace Cookie and Cupcake!

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