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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Pine Glen Helps Those In Need...

There are two ways that Pine Glen families can help some people in need.

Support Our Troops

Any individually wrapped Halloween candy that you have leftover (or do not want to consume!) is being collected in a large Rubbermaid tub outside the main office in the lobby. Soldiers can use it for themselves as a nice treat from home or to they can use it to help make friends with local children where they are stationed. Please consider sending in your wrapped (not loose) candy.

Support Our Friends in New Jersey

Miss Anderson's dad is going to be making a trip down to New Jersey to help deliver much needed supplies to families whose lives have had a radical change in the past week. Please consider sending in any supplies you can. There are containers in the main corridor (labeled for easy sorting of goods) for collecting donations. Please see the letter below that was sent home to families this week.

Hurricane Sandy Collection

Please help the Pine Glen Community collect items to help those who lost so much during Hurricane Sandy. We will be collecting items until next Friday, November 16th.  Items can be placed in the appropriate bins in the lobby area of Pine Glen.  These items will be driven to the Ocean City area of New Jersey by Paul (former Burlington Police/Dare Officer) and Brenda Anderson.

Items needed:
·      dry milk
·      baked beans and other non perishable food items
·      bleach and other cleaning supplies
·      dish washing detergent (small sizes)
·      juice
·      diapers
·      baby wash
·      laundry detergent (32 oz)
·      new blankets and linens
·      new clothing
·      toiletries

* They are also in need of plastic tubs with lids to pack things in. 

Monetary donations in the form of checks can be made payable to OCNJ Care.  Please place any checks in an envelope and address the front to Krystel Anderson (Gr. 2). 

For more information regarding the cleanup efforts and needs in this area visit:

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