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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Classroom Summary for February 10 - 14

Here's what we did this week (when it wasn't snowing, sleeting, icing or raining)...

In Miss Varrell's literacy group we continued to read in nonfiction texts, using glossaries, indices and tables of contents to help us locate interesting information for our culture projects. We completed as much of them as we could with our limited time in class. Although we may not be able to publish them over the vacation (as planned) we will attempt to complete them after vacation. We are continuing to apply our paragraph writing skills to our nonfiction writing and making sure we have good topic sentences followed by more expressive detail sentences and conclusion or 'wrap-up' sentences.

In Fundations we completed our eighth unit. We learned about ar and or and how to spell, read and write words with those r-controlled vowels. We will begin Unit 9 next week where we will focus on the three other r-controlled vowels: er, ir, and ur.

In math we began working with place value to 1,000. We are noticing patterns of ten all over our number system! We discovered that when counting to 1,000, using hundreds as our counting method instead of tens worked the most efficiently. We are very excited and motivated to continue our work with bigger numbers over the next few weeks!

In social studies we completed our Journey Around the World packets where we got to visit all the different continents and find specific landforms or bodies of water that make those continents famous. We will continue to learn about landforms and bodies of water throughout the year.

Please remember that school vacation weeks are fabulous opportunities to catch up on math fact practice, whether it be online (, Reflexmath) or flashcards. Also, many of us are just approaching five star general status with our Reading Corps slips. Time for reading can become a daily habit over vacation when it is attached to another routine like clearing the table or brushing teeth. The more one is accomplished with the other, a great reading and personal responsibility is formed!

February Vacation Community Challenge: Make someone smile! With permission from a parent, offer to help shovel an elderly neighbor's walkway or front step. It's important to care for the people who at times cannot care for themselves. You will be amazed at how good it feels when you've finished! Take a photo of your handiwork when you are done and either email it to me or bring in a printed copy to school so we can display your good deed on our classroom door on Monday!

February Vacation Technology Challenge: Find out if your family and a family relative (grandparent, aunt, uncle, etc.) has Skype. If you both have it, with permission from your parent and your relative, ask if they might consider doing some math fact practice with you via Skype!

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