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Friday, October 17, 2014

Classroom Summary for October 13 - 17

Here's what we did this week...

In our Envision math program we finished our third topic on subtraction strategies. We practiced using similar strategies to those we did with addition: subtracting 0, 1, and 2, subtracting doubles, and  subtracting to make a ten. We learned that when writing a subtraction number sentence the 'whole' number is always at the beginning of the sentence and the 'parts' are either what is being subtracted or the difference. Here's an example comparing addition sentences to subtraction sentences:

Addition-------->      Part  +  Part  =  Whole       6  +  4  =  10   or   4  +  6  =  10

Subtraction-------->      Whole  -  Part  =  Part       10  -  4  =  6    or   10  -  6  =  4

We also learned that when you have a accurate relationship among three numbers, those three numbers can be used to make three more accurate number sentences. For example:
                                                               12       5         17

                   12 + 5 = 17   and    5 + 12 = 17   and    17 - 12 = 5   and    17 - 5 = 12

In Fundations this week we worked on our second unit where we practiced using bonus letters and the glued sound 'all.' We know that the bonus letters f, l, and s are used when one of those same letters is the last consonant in a syllable after a short vowel sound. Glue sounds are usually one vowel followed by two consonants that frequently work together. Next week we will review the first grade glued sounds: ang, ank, ing, ink, ong, onk, ung, and unk.

In Miss Varrell's reading group we focused on making text-to-self connections this week. When we make these kinds of connections, we are identifying something in a story with something in our own lives. This week we used the model text Jamaica Tag-Along by Juanita Havill to help us practice making text-to-self connections. After we practiced with our reading buddies, we took our independent daily reading books and worked at making connections individually. We will continue to learn about different 'making connections' strategies over the next few weeks.

During writing workshop this week we had 'free write' time where we could work on any one of the stories we had started over the past few weeks. Many of us used the sketches we drew last week to begin a new story but some of us used a memory and a few more of us continued to work with our drawing from the very first writing workshop! Miss Varrell conferred with several children to make sure our writing is staying organized in our folders and to check in with us to see what help we need as we write our stories. Over the next few weeks we will be concentrating on writing narratives. Below is Avery's first independent narrative story of the year! Keep up the good work, Avery!

In science and technology this week we added more slides to our Tree Project in the Explain Everything app. We used a thumbnail sketch (learned in writing workshop last week!) to help us plan out our projects visually. Our projects will all have ten slides: one slide for the title page, 4 slides to talk about deciduous tree facts, 4 slides to talk about coniferous tree facts and one slide to end our project. Mrs. Ardizzoni came to our classroom to help us use the app and to apply our science knowledge to our projects. We have been using our illustrated tree books, tree posters and dictionaries to help us when we need to spell some of our science vocabulary as well as when we need to review our tree facts. We expect to finish our projects by the end of next week!

Weekend Challenge Activity: Write a letter (or email) to your grandparent (s) telling what you've learned in second grade so far. Ask them what they learned when they were in second grade! If they write back to you, bring the letter in to share with the class at writing workshop time on Friday!

  • Book order forms will be going home on Monday. Online and traditional order forms are due by end of the school day Friday, October 24. 
  • Keep those reading corps slips coming in! Congratulations to Nathan for completing four slips already!
  • The next P.T.O. meeting is Thursday, November 13. Please consider becoming a member.
  • Enjoy the warm days of fall with your family. :) 

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