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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Beanie and Boo Need a Vacation!

If there are any Room 211 Families who would like to host a Spa Vacation for our classmates, Beanie and Boo, during the upcoming winter break please let Miss Varrell know by this Friday, December 16. Names will be drawn Friday afternoon and the chosen family will receive an email Friday afternoon. Please know that if your name is not chosen as a host family, there will be plenty of other opportunities later in the new year!

Host family responsibilities include:
  • Maintaining a safe and secure environment for Beanie and Boo
  • Feeding twice a week (Tuesday and Friday) with food provided by the Burlington Science Center
  • Fresh water daily
  • Maintaining a clean tank (shavings provided by Burlington Science Center)
  • Providing play time inside the tank (be sure there are cardboard items to keep B & B occupied and happy)
  • Pick-up from PG and Return to PG by car at a mutually agreed upon date/time
Beanie and Boo come to visit with:
  • A tank with mesh-top enclosure and attached wheel
  • water bottle (will be empty when transporting)
  • food bowl and food
  • wooden house
  • cardboard
  • gerbil ball for optional "travel excursions" (to be prearranged with permission with an adult in the house)
  • Gerbil book
  • Gerbil journal
  • Gerbil fact/information sheets

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