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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Goodbye 2010...Hello 2011!

We wish all of our families a happy and healthy December break. Here are some things we look forward to:
  • sleeping in
  • watching cartoons
  • playing video games
  • reading
  • listening to the Heat Miser song
  • baking cookies
  • eating cookies
  • tasting snowflakes (from the sky, not the ground)
  • playing games
  • writing stories
  • traveling
  • sledding
  • making snowballs
  • throwing snowballs
  • throwing more snowballs
  • making snow angels
  • making hot chocolate
  • drinking hot chocolate (with marshmallows)
  • eating more cookies
  • licking candy canes
  • opening gifts
  • visiting with grandma and grandpa
  • visiting with aunts and uncles
  • hugs with mom and dad

Peace to all at this very special time of year and have a thought in your heart for those friends, family and pets who are not able to be with us for this season.

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