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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Snowflake and Cupcake Looking to Travel Columbus Day Weekend!

Snowflake and Cupcake are hoping to find a nice family (with a room without dogs or cats) with whom they could vacation for the upcoming Columbus Day weekend. The girls come equipped with: one clean cage with wheel, a food bowl, water dispenser, gerbil handbook, cardboard, care sheet, gerbil storybook, travel globes, and a gerbil journal.

If interested in hosting Snowflake and Cupcake for Columbus Day weekend (Friday 10/7- Monday 10/10), please send a note/email giving permission for your child to bring them home. Please note that the gerbils and their equipment are too cumbersome to be carried on the bus so a parent must be present to pick up the gerbils and their "luggage" by car. Drop-off/return of the gerbils can be done any time Tuesday 10/11.

Bringing the gerbils home for a holiday weekend/vacation week is done by random selection. If your family's note is not chosen for this weekend, you may submit a new note/email for any subsequent holiday weekends or vacation weeks! The family selected for the gerbils' first holiday weekend will be notified on the Monday prior to Columbus Day.
Good luck!

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