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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Career Day at Pine Glen!

Miss Varrell had a very special guest come to Career Day today.  Her brother! Mr. Varrell (Matt) works as an environmental biologist by day and he raises alpacas with his wife at their ranch when he comes home. He brought a lot of samples of alpaca fiber with him to show the children, as well as some of the products that can be made with the fiber once it has been cleaned and combed.

We had a great day visiting all different people from all around town. Thank you to the Burlington Fire Department and Burlington Police Department as well as our many residents around town who came in to teach us about childcare, dentistry, electrical work, tv production, genetics, veterinary care, computer programming and coding and carpentry. If I missed someone, I apologize!

Alpaca products from Harvard Alpaca Ranch, Harvard, MA

"Wow, that's so soft!"

Second graders learning about alpaca fibers.

Fourth graders learning about alpaca farming.

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